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Finn has taken some impressive photos at night. Here is a sampling.


Taken purely in the darkness of night by leaving the shutter open for several hours, this photo was taken at "Camp Kameeldoring" on Norechab. Note the curved lines in the sky left by the stars as the earth rotates. In fact, you can see the stars "swirling" around a central point called the "Southern Celestial Pole". Cool, huh?

Again, taken purely at night, this photo has a surreal, almost underwater feel to it.

No moon to interfere with this stars on this particular night! The tree and shrub have been filled in using a flash. To do this, Finn had to walk around in front of the open camera but because insufficient light fell on him while he was doing this, you don't see him!

Another flash-filled-in shot of quiver trees:

And a Shepard's tree this time: