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The following maps show the location of Norechab and Sandfontein:

Two dirt landing strips serve the area:

  Sandfontein Tantalite Valley
Co-ordinates S28-43-14 / E18-30-27 S28-41/E18-46-59
Elevation 2150 ft (655m) 2044ft (approximate!)
Length 1100 m (accurate) 1100m (approximate!)
Runway headings (magnetic) 09/27 06/24  (approximate!)
Incline Gradient is 3% - Slopes up from East to West Slopes up from West to East
Status: In excellent order (8th April 2006) Was in good order Nov 2005
Picture Approaching runway 27

Approaching runway "06"

Other locations of interest in the immediate area:

  Latitude Longitude
Sandfontein Lodge S2842'19'' E01833'11
Casa Severin (on the farm Umeis) S2843'19'' E01846'49''
Battle of Norechab Graves S 2837'08'' E01832'56''

Here is a Google-Earth satellite image showing the various points, as well as the Orange River. As the crow flies, it is only 27km from the Tantalite Valley airstrip to the Sandfontein Airstrip. Given the terrain however, it takes about 90 minutes to drive!