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Welcome to the website of the "Norechab Sand & Tent Club". We're all about sand (in deserts and river beds), tents, flying, southern Africa (with a particular fondness for Namibia), fresh air, silence, staggering views, stars and adventure.

Norechab is just shy of 100 square kilometers of semi-arid land in southern Namibia. This website is dedicated to it, to southern Africa in general and to flying over this remarkable part of the world. Join us as we show you a few of the sights we've been privileged to see during the last decade on our "air adventures".

Looking north toward Warmbad, with Norechab directly to the left, just off picture:

The view from "Grappa Hill", home of our future dwelling and overlooking the "Hom Rivier" dry river bed:

Early morning colour up a valley, shot by Finn:

Shepard's Tree at dusk, also shot by Finn, moon on the left:

Arriving on Norechab for the first time, with "Quayron-Kop" in the background:


And lastly, an amazing map (dated 1921!) which Finn found hanging in the Victoria Falls Hotel showing remarkable detail and unusual spelling of the name Norechab (Norakhab)!