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We did an unusual routing this year. ZS-KSF is a C172 from the Algoa Flying Club in Port Elizabeth and ZS-OGM is a C172 from Cape Town's Delta 200 Flying School. First we flew both planes to Plettenberg Bay and got an early start to Upington the  next morning. It's a LONG way in such small planes. In fact, the head-winds were so bad that OGM had to make an additional refuelling stop and we had to stay in Upington overnight.

Our transport for this trip:

A refreshing beer in Upington on the banks of the Orange River after a long, hot session in the Cessna 172s from Plettenberg Bay. Remember having to repeat the "estimated flying time" to air-traffic control because they thought it was a mistake?

Arriving in Keetmanshoop - the easiest port of entry in Southern Namibia.

Finn and Murli on top of "Mobile Hill" (so-called because an occasional mobile-phone signal drifts in) with the Yamaha's:

Garden-variety "Mobile Hill" sunset:

If there's no signal on "Mobile Hill" (left), Finn resorts to the satellite phone (right):

Strange vegetation:

Aaaahhhhhhhh.....thank you Mr Severin for the longest pool for about 500km.

The road to Norechab...with "Quayron Kop" in the background (left):

Trying to beat the heat at "Murli's Pub" - you should be able to spot 3 people:

Napping in front of the Hilux:

Camping at Camp Kameeldoring:

See the natural snake(s) appearing on the rock face?

Strange rock formations on Norechab:

A picnic (left), not too far from our natural spring (right):

On the way back to Tantalite Valley from Norechab:


The planes ready to leave Tantalite Valley "airport", pretty soft sand - see KSF's front wheel.