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By Mark Adams, from a modern hotel on a Norwegian fjord, 8th September 2005:
Sun in the eyes - grappa in the blood
Confessing to flies - sweating a flood
Last sheet of bog roll - face in a blush
Losing your balance - life without a flush
These are a few of Finn's favourite things
And these are the gifts that Namibia brings.

Nature is calling - life is a passage
Don't poo-poo our offer - don't pass by our package
But pass us your Euros to tour the turd world
With the dusty delight of relieving yourself
At the Norechab No-Star No-Plumbing Hotel
(Ask your guide about spiders and scorpions as well).
Did I mention cobras ? the Cape spitting kind
Ten foot high hood to tail that creep up from behind
To hitch lifts on the fuel tank if windows are shut
Or coiled on the spare tyre beneath a warm butt
Our package includes these cute critters as well
At the the Norechab No-star No-plumbing Hotel.

Finn, occupying one of his favourite places - the back of the Land Rover. Fact is he can't stand Land Rovers, preferring a Land Cruiser any day. Finn lives in Johannesburg.

Sean, looking the wrong way in ZS-IDX on the way to Norechab from Cape Town International. Sean lives in London.

Murli, pretty much any time of day. Affable, and just plain fun. Murli lives in Vienna, Austria.

Mark Adams, die-hard adventurer and photographer, never complains. Mark lives in, er, can't quite work it out. Mark runs a digital wizardry studio called The Light Cavalry that deals in everything related to still images and motion pictures.