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This trip (basically an anti-clockwise loop of southern-Namibia) has a serious number of shots. If you're not on broadband, go get a cup of coffee - it's worth the wait.  

Flying west from Windhoek, the red dunes of the Namib desert - the oldest in the world - appear on the horizon:

Deadpan and its neighbours near Sossusvlei create remarkable contrast in the middle of the red dunes: 

Title: "Red sculpture". Media: "Wind on sand".

Flying west over the Namib desert takes you to the sea. The desert "falls off" into the sea creating what is surely one of the most remarkable sights the human eye can see. It's called "Langewand". 

And the desert stretches inland as far as you can see under the Cessna's wing:

Murli lands V5-AAD at Luderitz airport in a friendly 60kph head-wind. And guess what? The fuel we'd arranged wasn't there!

One of the crazy houses at Kolmanskop. They found diamonds around 1930, creating incredible wealth and a booming town with the very best buildings and fittings. Ten years later, no more diamonds. This is what it now looks like. The desert, she is returning.

Given the high winds and the amount of sand, they have some serious sand-erosion problems:

Landing at Aus from Luderitz, somewhat tight on fuel, but a beautiful flight with amazing landscapes:

Refuelling (hand-pump!) V5-SVW (Cessna 210) and the two C172s from one of two 200 litre drums trucked in overnight:

Approaching the Fish River Canyon, the second largest in the world:

We're on Norechab now and this is an aerial view of "Murli's Pub" (the rocky bit shown in red - originally a waterfall believe it or not), where they serve the warmest beer in the world. And, what it looks like when you get there:

Some of the team, and Sean turning his back on the "warm-beer picnic" served off the back of the Mog:

Out and about on Norechab, and near the Orange River:


Our camp site, and how to get the Mog "roll-started" in the morning:

A blazing sunset at Camp Kameeldoring.

Theo, the eldest of our party (at 88!), and happy as can be in the back of a Cessna 172: